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Amberyse Heavy Hands Video/Track Review

Josiah Herma


Some say taste arrives in the moments where commitment is given or withheld. Be it delicately sipping an expensive glass of fine whiskey or smashing a three course meal at an all-you-can-eat buffet, the definition of what is “tasteful” varies along a spectrum of indulgence.
Amberyse seem to have hit a perfect medium with their recent track/video release ‘Heavy Hands’.
The track itself is a crushing example of balance between technicality and impact; gargantuan riffs mix seamlessly with some deceptively technical melody and lead work from guitarists Liam Lynch and Jamie Townley, all held down by powerful showings from Corey Mole on drums and Adrian Trinchera on bass, who don’t skimp on quality for the sake of quantity. Vocalist Jayden Andrews gives a top-flight performance, tying up all the visceral elements that make the track special as neatly as any frontman of a metal/core outfit has before.
As far as music videos go, the recently released clip (by Wolves in the Woodwork Visuals) is simple, stunning and punching itself into another weight class entirely. The cramped, bare room depicted in the piece is perfectly lit, with mood not coming at the expense of actually being able to see the quality of the performance that Amberyse throw at the viewer. Interspersed among shots of the band are various “spotlights” of the members, which serve to highlight what each brings to the track and reminds the listener’s ear that there’s much more to this track than the riffs and roaring vocals that immediately make their mark. The decision use coloured lighting in place of monochrome or no/low lighting was a touch that ended up as the main selling point, as tasteful as the track itself.
‘Heavy Hands’ is an impressive showing by a band that is sure to conquer 2018 with ease.

To celebrate the release of Heavy Hands, Ameryse is set to embark on a co-headline tour with Motion Below, and with stops in Geelong on May 19th (The Worker’s Club) and Melbourne on the 25th (Whole Lotta Love) they are a must-see for local audiences.

Watch "Heavy Hands" Video Here:

Amberyse Tour
Artwork by Jack Pallet
Video by Wolves in the Woodwork Visuals
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