NO HOPE - Bendigo Melodic Hardcore

NO HOPE - Bendigo Melodic Hardcore

NO HOPE, a melodic hardcore band hailing from Bendigo, have emerged onto the scene and have started to really make a name for themselves. Originating from a core group including Nicholas and Jacob, previously of Saturnine, the band's reformation with Sean and Shane marked a pivotal moment after a decade-long hiatus from live music. Influenced by the hardcore sounds that defined the mid to late 2000s, NO HOPE underwent initial lineup adjustments before solidifying their current roster, with Nicholas taking on vocal duties and Jacob assuming responsibility for bass.

Yeehaa Studios, a humble rehearsal space, unexpectedly provided them with their first live performance opportunity. It was during one of these sessions that Mick, the owner of Trash Cult, a local venue in Bendigo, discovered their raw potential and extended an invitation to perform. This fortunate break not only propelled them into the local spotlight but also paved the way for a significant recording session in January 2024.

Signing with Set The Fire Records shortly thereafter proved to be a pivotal moment for NO HOPE, offering them a supportive home where their mix of heartfelt lyrics and hardcore rhythms could flourish. The band's debut demo, released on May 31st, marks a culmination of their efforts, showcasing their evolution and dedication to the scene.

Listen to "The Breeze" : 


Drawing inspiration from bands like Carry On, Modern Life Is War, and Have Heart, NO HOPE's music is not merely a homage to past styles but a testament to their commitment to capturing the raw energy of live gigs.

NO HOPE represents a journey of rediscovery and creative expression, fuelled by their shared love for authentic, emotive music and the supportive community that continues to rally behind them.

Catch them at The Last Chance Rock n' Roll bar for MIDWEEK CRISIS! 
Free entry and supported by Bay City's very own DETACH ME! 

Wednesday, July 3rd! 

Artwork by @h0wlin

Feature Image Credits: @bm.psd

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