No Love - Darknet

No Love - Darknet


Darknet have just released their new track.  

Premiering on the track “No Love” ft. ENKOJIN did everything but disappoint. No seriously, this track has so many layers to it, shit’s insane. We had to throw on some crazy high-quality studio monitor headphones just so we didn’t miss anything. Leading into the song you're hit with a super nostalgic feeling drum and bass fill, and then proceed to be hit with everything else. The intense guitar riffs roll back and forth and only drop off to make way for some of the most interesting vocals we have heard in a while, as a subtle run of crazy electronic effects make up the backline. The pre-chorus hits hard with a heavy wall of guitar then a sudden rest, the band then seems to pay homage to Trent Reznor with the lyrics “you bring me closer to god”. We may be reading into this, but there seems to be a slight influence from Nine Inch Nails here. The dark themes and lyrics are hard hitting but relevant for so many, no tip-toeing here, straight up and to the point.  


Now let us talk about this break down…  

Of course, we expect a hard driving bass line at this point, but we did not expect it to replicate low wave electrical frequencies. Obviously not alone, this intense bass is backed by some perfectly timed kicks, snapping snare and subtle cymbals.  

The Lyrics video is also a standout, the 3D animation and electronic visual effects really add character to what these guys are doing. The whole band is branded, everything they do is visually tied together, similar layouts, similar elements a concept not seen too often.  

Now so far as we know, these guys are anonymous, we do not know who they are, all we know, (if their bandcamp is truthful) is they reside in the UK. A perfect blend of current-day metal and electronica, Darknet are a band to watch. Whoever you are, keep it up. We love it down here.  


If you haven’t checked them out yet, do so below! 



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